WE ARE NOT either agency or tour operator. We are COOPERATE together and we believe that a professional licensed NCC Driver and a local Tour Guide they should always being next each other to ensure safety and professionality.

Yes of course, let us know where you like the pick up from to agree on our best organization.

Yes you can. We can organize tour with more minivans.

We suggest to wear comfortable shoes and appropriate dress code for visiting churches as well as museums as scarves to drape across bare shoulders,there is no need to cover your head.

We love children and you are very welcome to join us, we also have the opportunity to have a safety car-child and baby stroller.
Please remember to tell us all the details of your child in advance for the most comfort and safety in according with the italian law.

Yes, we are pets friendly. We recommend using the appropriate dogs/cats accessories during the tour.

Yes you can. With ten days about notice we organize and design for you a tour on request. Prices based on itinerary.

After your booking confirmation,
– 100% of the deposit will be returned if notified at least 30 days before the tour booking date.
– 50% of the deposit will be returned if notified at least 15 days before the tour booking date.
– the full deposit will be retained for cancellations less than 15 days before the tour booking date.

Yes, fortunately Tuscany is very well organize for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free, please let us know in advance for the best organization.

TuscanYes cannot reserve it for you, but we will support you during proceeding booking of the admission ticket.

In Italy the meaning of “N.C.C.” is “rent a car with driver”.

An authentic N.C.C. will bear a distinctive plaque on the back near the car license plate of the vehicle, bearing the number of their authorization with the name of the municipality that granted it, and will display the initials “N.C.C.” in the windshield.

N.C.C. service is a guarantee for you and sometimes it costs more than a standard car, here’s why:

*A vehicle N.C.C. is scrupulously maintained and is by law subject to yearly inspection.

*Insurance coverage is mandatory and by law is very high, in the event of an accident in order to cover any personal injury or damage to personal property.

*Each N.C.C. is a legitimate business entity, subject to fiscal compliance. A legitimate N.C.C. will be registered with the local chamber of commerce and have a VAT registration number.

*In order to receive the N.C.C. designation it is necessary to obtain administrative authorization from an Italian municipality . This authorization is granted after the municipality has reviewed and assessed that all the requirements presented by the driver comply with the law. Besides being in possession of a valid driver’s license, N.C.C. drivers are required to have the following additional qualifications:

Extra driver-license (Certificate of Professional Qualification) after passing an exam given by the state authority for motor vehicles.

-It’s necessary a registration within the region where the driver will be working, after being successfully examined by a committee specific to this task.

-N.C.C. driver is also subject to special monitoring for drugs and alcohol. While working, their blood alcohol level must be absolute zero. (in Italy a driver with no-professional designation can have up to 0.05%)

Don’t risk your safety and that of your family taking a not professional driver or in order to save a few Euro! Choose to travel safe and in accordance with the law by relying on your N.C.C. professional driver Caterina.

Flexibility, professionalism, heart and energy are our watchwords. TuscanYes follows the anti-contagion Italian protocols guidelines that must be adopted and the need to make customers aware of the need to comply with current regulations. Thank you.